WIT Fitness


Whatever it Takes (aka. WIT Fitness) was a start-up, high-end sports retailer that wanted to respond to the changing face of fitness. With functional-fitness training such as CrossFit becoming a sport in its own right WIT Fitness aimed to be the first brand to cater for those who see fitness training as a discipline in itself. In order to represent this new approach to fitness training WIT needed to stand out from existing sports retailers.


Functional fitness strips back training to the fundamentals of human movement; no fancy machines or gadgets required. To reflect this approach the brand mark was inspired by a nordic rune Uruz which is symbolic of strength, persistence and tenacity; qualities that sum up the brand name perfectly. The dark grey with contrasting neon green colour palette identifies the difference between WIT and other high-street sports shops and hints at the sense of rebellion that functional fitness is having against the mainstream fitness industry.


Since launching in 2015 WIT has seen 330% growth Year 1-2 (414% online). Has a social media following of 100,000 and has launched 3 stores in London, one in Hong Kong and one in Dubai with plans to expand across North America.

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